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Why Passion is the Secret to Selling Isn’t it frustraing and confusing that you’re

Why Passion is the Secret to Selling

Isn’t it frustraing and confusing that you’re doing all the things you’re told to do, and you’re still not making any sales?Yet the top earners will do the same things and get drastically different results.They place ads. You place ads. They send emails. You send emails. They make videos. You make videos. They make millions. You make little to nothing.Their secret is to show passion throughout their marketing. Do you show any passion?PASSION SELLS ANYTHING, EVEN TURTLENECKSDarin Adams used to host a TV show called Studio 5. On that show, he would interview special guests in a variety of fields. There were crafters, bloggers, business owners, restaurant owners, cookbook authors, therapists and many more.One of the guests was a wardrobe image consultant, whose job was to find new fashions.She appeared on the show and declared that the newest and hottest fashion item was turtlenecks. She’d let the hosts feel the fabric and she talked passionately about how colorful and versatile they were.Within an hour, every Old Navy store within 200 miles was sold out of turtlenecks. Why? Because the wardrobe image consultant brought passion to her sales presentation.People don’t just buy because of the features of the product. When they can feel the passion from you, they will buy into that. Let your passion shine through in your marketing and people will want to be a part of it.WHAT’S YOUR PASSION?First, you need to find your passion. What drives you? What are you excited about? When someone wants to work with you, what is it that they sense from you?Your passion is often whatever made you go into business to start with. When you’re talking, it’s the subject that makes your voice go faster and the pitch go up.Find what that is, and replicate it all the time throughout your marketing. People will want to do business with you because they want to be around your passion.REPLACE SURVIVAL MODE WITH PASSION MODEAlthough passion often gets you into business for the first time, it often wanes as passion mode turns into survival mode.Instead of being passionate, you start worrying about bringing in enough cash to survive. You start asking, “Why aren’t more people interested? Why aren’t they buying from me? Why don’t my customers tell their friends?”The answer to these questions is the same reason you’re asking them. It’s because your passion disappeared, you became stressed and worried, and it’s repelling your customers.As soon as you get out of survival mode and you regain that passion, your sales will instantly pick up.

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