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The Secret to Traffic, Credibility and Influence

If you’re struggling to get an ROI on your traffic campaigns, you feel you have no credibility in your market, or you can’t work out how to influence people to buy, this tip is for you.

Shaqir Hussyin used to get burnt out when buying traffic. He used to think, if he just buys traffic, he’ll make money.

However, it’s not just about getting traffic. It’s also being able to convert traffic.


Instead of simply buying traffic at the market rate, Shaqir Hussyin travels all over the world to build trusted relationships. He goes to events, meets the top earners and takes them to dinner.

Once he’s built these relationships, he’s able to negotiate private deals to get traffic. This is how he’s able to buy solo ads from marketers who don’t even sell solo ads.


One of the connections Shaqir Hussyin made was Daegan Smith. At the time, Daegan was a big marketer with a huge following.

Shaqir paid Daegan $7,500 for a private traffic deal. Instead of a solo ad, Daegan recorded an interview with Shaqir. In the interview, Shaqir talked about his results and his story about how he got into his industry.

Daegan emailed the interview to his list and put it online for the public to discover.

This private traffic deal was more than just a solo ad. Shaqir got residual traffic, because the interview is still online for anyone to find. He also got credibility, because of his association with a top marketer like Daegan Smith. Finally, he got the ability to influence his listeners through telling his story.

Who in your industry can you build a relationship with, and get them to interview you? An interview with a leader in your industry can be the secret to residual traffic, credibility and influence.

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