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The Importance of a Good Lead Magnet

You’ve heard that you need to build your list. You need to collect people’s contact information and send them offers.

But you need to be more strategic than simply asking people whether they’d like to receive offers from you. Most people won’t get too excited about that.

This is why we use lead magnets. When you offer them something of value, people will gladly hand over their contact information.


A lot of things can work as lead magnets. Would any of the following work for your business?

* free reports

* coupons and offers

* podcasts

* creative forms

* loyalty programs

* free education

* memberships

* bonuses

* limited time free trials

* demos

* online webinars

* assessments and tests

* email series

* values and benefits

As long as it’s free of charge and satisfies a demand in your market, it can be a lead magnet.

Write down a couple of ideas for what your business could offer as a lead magnet. When someone visits your website or sees your post on Facebook, what could you offer them that will make them agree to hand you their contact information?

Give this some serious thought, because this is how you start building a list.


Darin Adams says, “if you don’t capture each lead, you don’t deserve to succeed.”

Too many business owners give too little thought to how they capture leads. Capturing leads is more than just saying, “hey, give me your email address.” If that’s your strategy, you’re missing a big opportunity.

What do you do when someone hands you a business card? In most cases, nothing. Don’t expect and hope that people will simply flock to you.

Instead, have a clear strategy for capturing leads. When you offer a lead magnet, there’s an exchange of value. People are not giving you their contact information because you want it. They’re giving you their contact information because you’re giving them something they want.

With a lead magnet, you’ll capture more leads and create more goodwill in the process.

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