• jorie905

Internet Marketing is a Profession

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

We all know there’s no such thing as a turn-key system where you refresh your screen and more money comes in. One-press buttons and magic pills don’t really exist.

However, a lot of internet marketing and business products are being marketed that way.When you realize that internet marketing is a profession and you start treating it as a profession, your business will change immediately.YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT “INSTANT NOODLES”The way that the internet marketing lifestyle is typically marketed brings out the lazy side in a lot of us.We want shortcuts, templates, done-for-you systems. We don’t want to leave our couch. We don’t want to put in any effort. We want everything the easy way. We start to develop an “instant noodles” kind of mentality.But do you really want your business to be “instant noodles,” or a properly cooked gourmet meal? Which can you take more pride in and which will be more rewarding?Give yourself the label of professional internet marketer and start wearing it. Don’t think of it as a lazy lifestyle. Think of it as a profession.Like any profession, there are certain skills you need to learn and a daily method of operation to produce results. Commit to learning and mastering this.DEVELOP YOUR MARKETING MUSCLESYour body has 640 muscles. If you want to excel at any sport, you must develop them. Otherwise, you can show up and try, but you will only do as well as the average person does. You may be able to play as a hobby, but not competitively.In internet marketing, the bar is far higher. There’s no hobby level in marketing. If you are average, nothing will happen.What kind of marketing muscles must you develop? Mindset, lead generation, communication skills, consistency, daily discipline, driving traffic and converting leads.Take pride in your profession and you’ll get the results to show for it.Show me how to receive my E book Now