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How to Make Sales with the “Invisible” Funnel

How to Make Sales with the “Invisible” Funnel

People hate to be sold to. When they sense they’re being coerced into buying a product, they become resistant.

Yet, most marketers don’t know how to sell. They sell by listing out all the benefits of their product or service. They do it in a way that’s very overt and instantly creates resistance from the prospect.

Daegan Smith has a different formula for making sales. It rips through resistance and doesn’t make the prospect feel they’re being sold to. He calls it the “invisible” funnel.


Start out by promising an email series called “7 Mistakes That Cost Me X.” Replace 7 with whatever number of mistakes and X with whatever they cost you.

Explain to your audience that you don’t want them to ever make the same mistakes. You want to show them how to overcome them and succeed quickly.

People in your audience are already thinking about this. They know they’re doing something wrong, and they’re following you because they hope you can show them what they’re doing wrong and help them gain success.

Once you’ve hooked them in with this promise, reveal one mistake per email. Explain what it is and how it can be overcome.


Be strategic with the sequence in which you present the mistakes. Save the biggest mistake for last, and don’t just send out another email for the final mistake. Invite people to a webinar instead.

Explain that although you’ve talked about several mistakes already, the biggest mistake trumps them all. If they don’t overcome the biggest mistake, nothing they do to overcome the other mistakes will matter.

Then announce that you’re going to share this final mistake on a live webinar because it’s so important.


Most people think of webinars as a teaching medium. On this webinar, however, you’re not teaching anything. You’re just telling the story of how you made your biggest mistake.

We all hate to be sold to. When we sense that we’re being sold to, we become resistant. Stories, on the other hand, rip through resistance. All of us love to hear stories.

In a movie, we want to see the main character go through change. They start out in an adverse situation, then there’s a turning point, and finally life is different. Adapt this formula to your webinar and you can’t go wrong.

Communicate the damage that making this mistake did to you, reveal how you overcame the mistake and make the connection to your product or service. Then, people will be ready to sign up without feeling they’ve been sold to.

If you tell your story in the right way, it does the selling for you. That’s why this is called the “invisible” funnel.

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