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How to Live Your Best Life

Why have you been working so hard to build your business to the absolute top? So you can enjoy life to the max, of course.

For many of us, this doesn’t happen while we’re actually building the business, unless we can do like John D. Macdonald’s sleuth Travis McGee and find a way to enjoy retirement “on the installment plan”—or actually build our businesses around a lifestyle we love.

However you go about it, the ultimate goal is to live your best possible life. But how many of us actually know how to do that?


As the old saying goes, we only go ’round once. So why are you doing things you don’t like to do? Top marketer Nik Halik advises you to approach life daily as if it’s your last on Earth, doing what you like and doing it often. Leave the boring stuff for others.

Stop watching TV if you don’t have enough time. In the USA, watching TV can lead to $1,000 a week or more in lost opportunities. Ouch!

If you don’t like something, change it. For example, If you don’t lie your job, quit. Unemployed people have a great advantage over the rest of us: they have time to think about themselves and their goals.

You may not be able to live like this immediately, but it’s certainly something to aspire to, especially once you’ve built your wealth and want to keep it growing. You’re in a position to live your best life, and you want things to stay that way.


You know what you need to do. Live each day as if it really is your last, and wake up to your true calling. What’s your passion, your drive? What are you hungry for? Be definitive with your day, rather than ambiguous. Don’t say can’t. Take massive action!

Here’s a major part of your Best Life: Find a mentor, someone you has something you desire, and learn what they can teach you about acquiring it. Your very best thinking has gotten you where you are now, so you need a mentor to jumpstart you to the next level.

You’re already the result of every single decision you’ve ever made, good and bad. The decision to learn from a mentor can push you further forward in the chess game of life.


Now: Let’s take a look at the variables in Nik’s equation.

Passion’s first. The average person has three or four things we really love and are really good at. What makes your heart speed up, makes you get out of bed in the morning, makes you laugh and cry? How can you utilize those passions to contribute to your best life? How can you monetize them?

The next variable is Talent—what you’re really good at. Maybe it’s the same as your passions, maybe not.

Then there’s Action. Take massive action to achieve your goals. Sitting around waiting will get you nowhere. Forget the Law of Attraction; that’s ridiculous sugarcoated nonsense.

Next is Association. You already know you’re shaped by the four of five people you most often associate with, which means you need to associate with people who think and act in ways that can help you achieve your dreams. Be the individual in the group where you do all the listening.

Lastly is your Belief System—your self-esteem in particular, and the ambition you need to drive the life you want to live, the way you want to live it.


Passion + Talent + Action + Association + Belief System = Your Best Life. That’s all you need to know to live life at its sweetest.

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