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Forget About Funnels and Do This Instead

While most people are obsessing over funnels and leads, Roger Salam takes a different approach.

He forgets about funnels and manages friendships and relationships instead. He is high-touch in a world where most people are more interested in being high-tech.

All his business comes from nurturing less than a dozen quality relationships. He gets so many pre-sold referrals that he doesn’t even need to worry about funnels.


When a business relationship turns to a friendship, you take it to another level where there is no competition.

Think about it. If you do a business deal wtih person A, and person B offers you a better price, it’s likely you’ll cancel your deal with person A and do a new deal with person B. Then, if your joint venture with person B does not work out, you’ll make sure to never do business with person B.

Business can be brutal. But if you form a genuine friendship, it’s not so likely that you’re going to act like this. You’ll choose to do business with your friend, even when someone else offers a better rate. You’ll stick with them even when a joint venture goes wrong.


The biggest mistake people make when trying to build business relationships is they rush them.

The process of building business relationships is not a funnel that spits out contacts, referrals and joint venture deals. It’s the process of building a genuine friendship.

This means a number of things. Firstly, form the relationship because there’s something you can give to the other person, not because you can get something from them.

Even if it’s a billionaire, there’s always something you can give. It’s likely they have a charitable arm or a foundation that you can contribute to, in the form of your time or money. Always be focused on what’s in it for them, not for yourself, and you’ll build better quality business relationships.

Secondly, expect that a quality friendship will take time to develop. Don’t try to lock down a joint venture deal within record time. Let the friendship take its natural course.

Treat your business relationships as friendships, not as leads in a funnel. You only need half a dozen quality relationships, and you can make a 7 figure living from the referrals alone.

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