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Do you have the mindset to grow your wealth toward your ultimate goals, and the ability to maintain

Do you have the mindset to grow your wealth toward your ultimate goals, and the ability to maintain that mindset?

Many of us don’t. We either get tired of trying, or we get bored… but boredom isn’t necessarily bad. Life changes constantly, and it’s always open to interpretation. Where do you want to go from here, and why?

Are you ready to live a life of wealth and leisure? And if not, why not?


One of the basics of Nik Halik’s recipe for maintaining a wealth mentality is boredom. “I want you to be bored! Because the system does work: it reprimands you!” He goes on to point out that boredom just means your brain is working at full processing speed. You’re working at a higher level of awareness, which means you need to get to work on something new.

So embrace your boredom and be proud of it. This will lead you to the next ingredient: Taking risks.

In life, Nik says, there are two rules. Rule #1: There are no rules. Rule #2: Don’t forget Rule #1.

What rules are holding you back? Why are you letting them? Stop looking for more rules. That’s Rule #3.


Life is open to interpretation. Things change quickly; so sometimes your interpretations will change. Back in 2007, Nik was involved in negotiations with a dictator who is current deposed. That tends to be a fast change. As of a year ago, he was sentenced “to walk the Green Mile.” Fast change.

Then the dictator got a last-minute reprieve. No longer is he sentenced to death. In fact, he’s been released. Another fast change. Do you suspect he’s reinterpreted his life? Wouldn’t you?

Enough with the brain fog, the brain astigmatism. Change the lens. Change the angle. Reinterpret life, and the world, to your benefit. You are your own prime focus—or at least, that’s how it should be.


In fact, fail faster. Why would you want to fail faster, or fail at all? Isn’t “fail” a negative word? Nik disagrees vigorously. Failure just means better feedback, and you start to tweak what works and what doesn’t.

According to Nik, parents cradle and coddle their kids too much these days: “It’s a wet-wipe culture,” he declares. Children never have the chance to toughen up. Well, get back on the bike and learn the lesson.

Own your kind of business. Own the banged-up knees and the hurdles and the obstacles.


Twenty years ago, kids were much more adventurous than those today. We’re producing a generation of disconnected, introverted kids: they’re interconnected digitally, but not physically. There’s even online dating, as opposed to physical dating or the “romantic hustle.”

Life has changed: we’re digitally connected, but we’re too socially disconnected. You can’t accept this is you want to succeed. You have to get bored. Take risks. Make mistakes. Stub your toes. Get out there and fight for what’s yours.

Be bigger than life allows today.

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