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3 Ways to Expedite Your Business Success

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

Getting rich slow is better than not getting rich at all, but wouldn’t you rather get rich quick?

There are actions and habits that will expedite the success of your business if you adopt them, and slow down your business if you don’t. You may still reach your goals in the end, but it will take you a lot longer.

In this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji, Nik Halik explains 3 actions that have sped up his business success.


One of Nik Halik’s first mentors was Bob Proctor, the godfather of the personal development industry.

Bob Proctor’s message resonated with Nik. He put aside the motivational hype and was like an alkaline battery that keeps on going. Bob held Nik accountable and pushed him to reach his goals faster.

Find a mentor whose message resonates with you, and have them hold you accountable to your goals. You’ll find that you’ll reach them in a fraction of the time it otherwise would have taken you.


Nik Halik has an imaginary mastermind. The members of his mastermind are all dead, but they are individuals of history he admires.

For his imaginary mastermind, he has cut out figures of each individual. When he needs help with making a decision, he asks himself what each of his mastermind members would do.

This may sound silly, but it can be powerful. Your mindset is what’s gotten you to where you are today. If you’re not happy with where you are today, then perhaps it’s best to tap into a better mindset. Through his virtual mastermind, Nik taps into the mindset of individuals who have influenced humanity.


Nik Halik loves obstacles and hurdles. He embraces them.

Your obstacles and hurdles are not there to slow you down. They happen for a reason. They can be lessons for success that allow you to grow and go to the next level.

Nothing will expedite your business success faster than making a lot of mistakes and learning from them quickly.

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